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Celebrate Pi Day with NASA!

When: Friday, March 5 – Tuesday, March 16 Where: Online Target Audience: K-12 students and educators, parents, museums, science centers and planetariums Overview: NASA is joining schools, students and science centers across the U.S. to celebrate one of the most well known and beloved numbers: pi. Used throughout the STEM world – especially for space exploration! – pi is the […]

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A Virtual Conversation with Dr. Mae Jemison

Celebration of African American Life & History: Dr. Mae Jemison PBS Books, in partnership with ASALH, will host a virtual conversation with trailblazer Dr. Mae Jemison on Wednesday, February 3 at 5pm ET | 2pm PT on Facebook Live, Youtube (PBS Books and ASALH), and on its website. During the interview, Dr. Mae will discuss her newly re-released memoir “Finding Where the Wind Goes.”  You’ll hear about her various and […]

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Send a Postcard to Space!

Here is the link! More info? Club for the Future, is posing the question, “Why do you think Earth needs space?” to students around the world, and asking them to draw or write their idea on a postcard. The Club will fly the postcards to space and back on upcoming launches of its Blue Origin New Shepard rocket, and return […]


Follow Perseverance to Mars 6/30/2020 @ 3pm

The Perseverance robot will launch this summer (July 17 – August 5, 2020) and head to the Jezero Crater on Mars, where it will land at the foot of a river delta which was clearly a lake at the time that microbial life was flourishing on Earth. The American Museum of Natural History’s Director of Astrovisualization, Carter Emmart, will lead […]

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NASA: Next Moon Step Challenge

Did you watch the NASA & SpaceX rocket launch last weekend? NASA is also planning to send women to the Moon with Project Artemis. The “Next Moon Step” is their summer art challenge for kids in grades K-12. Your challenge is to create an image of your footprint (photo or artwork) and tell us what you would say, in 20 […]


Hour of Code Week is Coming Up!

Hour of Code Week will take place from December 9th to 15th. This is a national initiative in computer science education — the week was formerly known as Computer Science Education Week. As Heidi Partovi, CEO of says, “The Hour of Code is designed to demystify code and show that computer science is not rocket science—anybody can learn the […]