Museum Pass Year-Round Program

One of our most popular non-traditional services is the Museum Pass program. Here is a list of participating museums. The big Chicago museums, such as the Shedd Aquarium, DO NOT participate in the suburban Museum Pass program.

How does it work?

Museum Pass gives 4 passes, per museum, to each public library. Algonquin has 8 passes because we have two library buildings – Harnish and Eastgate. These passes are on a first-come, first-served basis and you must come to the library to get one (The most popular museum is without a doubt, The Brookfield Zoo). All you need is your AAPLD library card as this program is only available to AAPLD cardholders. Once you check out your Museum Pass, it acts just like a coupon. The printed pass has an expiration date of one week after the check-out date. Since we don’t have that many passes in comparison to cardholders, we limit checkouts to one pass per family at a time.

Have a library card to a different library?

Museum Pass offers a list of participating libraries here. Fox River Valley, Huntley, Crystal Lake, and Cary all participate though. It’s a pretty common offering for public libraries. You would just need to go to your home library to get your Museum Pass. During the summer months, it would be advisable to call ahead for pass availability – especially if you want that Brookfield Zoo pass!