Nature Growing Inside the Library

Come in to the library and visit our new friends, Audrey the Venus Fly Trap and some newly emerged Painted Lady Butterflies.

The Venus fly trap is native toIMG_2298 North Carolina, the only place in the world they grow in the wild. They are carnivorous plants, but because the soil became deplete of nutrients they evolved to catch live pray. Our plant is very finicky and will only drink purified water. Each leaf can only open 3 to 4 times before it dies. Please, watch your little ones and help us avoid fingers trying to make the leaves snap shut which will harm our new friend.

IMG_2297Butterflies are very closely related and often confused with moths. Did you know that there are over 165,000 types of butterflies and moths? A sure-fire way to tell the difference is that butterflies fly during the day and moths fly at night.

Mrs. Power has been taking care of our caterpillars while they grow and transform from caterpillars into butterflies inside their chrysalis. Over the weekend, we had 4 Painted Ladies emerge! You can see them on display behind the Youth Services desk. We have more caterpillars that we can watch and study as they go through the different stages of development.  Be sure to stop in soon to see the butterflies.