3D Printing Time Lapse Video Event!

Last week we hosted a two-part 3D Printing Time Lapse Video program for kids in 4th – 8th grade. We were fortunate to have an Algonquin resident and owner of 3D Universe, a local 3D printing company, to facilitate the program.

The goal of the program was to teach kids about 3D printing and to create time lapse videos. A time lapse video  consists of pictures strung together that when played in order looks like you are creating an object over time.

During part one, the kids voted for which project to print and they decided to print a marble maze that took over 30 hours to print! Jeremy then showed everyone how to set up the printer, how the printer works, and how to start the webcam. Jeremy brought in his Ultimaker which allowed us to introduce the kids to a new 3D printer.

At the second part of the program, the kids picked out music, learned how to compile the photos, recorded additional footage to show off the print, and took a group photo. The video turned out pretty great and was a unique and exciting program to host at the library.

Check out the final product that we all put together! Enjoy!




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