Back-to-School Apps for Busy Families

The school year is HERE!  You might have purchased the school supplies, but have you nailed down schedules and routines? Luckily, there are a number of apps that can help your family stay organized and successfully juggle it all. Check out this list of apps that can help your family master the school day routine with a little less stress. 

Artkiveback to school apps - artkive  - Artkive is an amazing app that organizes all of your child's artwork and creates a digital copy to save each and every one of their masterpieces.  This valuable app also allows you to easily create a printed photo book of your child's artwork--all from your phone!  


Back to school apps - lalalunch boxLaLa Lunch Box  - LaLa Lunch Box is a meal planning app for kids and parents.  With this app, you can empower your child to help plan their own nutritious lunches for the week.  Parents can pre-load different fruits, vegetables, snacks, and protein options and let their child pick and choose which options they would like that week.  Once the child is done making their lunch selections, the app has the option of organizing all their choices into a grocery list.  

back to school apps - life 360Life360 Family Locator- The school year is busy.  After school clubs, lessons, games, and practices keep many families on-the-go.  The Life360 Family Locator App can help your family keep track of each family member.  Simply register your family members' devices and the app will locate each family member on a map.  Parents can even set up alerts to inform them when their child reaches specific destinations.  

back to school apps - marble jarMarble Jar Rewards App - Marble Jar Rewards App can be used by families to encourage their child to complete their homework, remember chores, practice their instrument, and so much more!  To begin, sit down with your child and create a clear and attainable goal.  As your child works towards reaching their goal, they can add marbles to their virtual marble jar.  This visual reminder can help inspire children to continue to stay focused and work hard.  Don't forget to celebrate when they reach their goal! 

back to school apps - my homeworkMy Homework - My Homework App is a great resource for families with older children that are juggling project due dates, homework assignments, varied class schedules, and more.  Students and parents will find this app helpful because it helps students stay organized while allowing parents access to their schedule to make sure everything is getting done. 

back to school apps - overdriveOverDrive - Did your child forget their chapter book at school and there is an assignment due tomorrow?  No worries!  Use the OverDrive App to borrow eBooks that can be read on most computers, tablets, and some mobile devices.  Patrons will need their library card number to checkout titles. 


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