Games for Kids

gamesforkids-nickNick Games
Play free games based on all your favorite Nickelodeon shows.


gamesforkids-disneyDisney Channel 
Check out the latest Disney Channel Games from your favorite made-for-TV-movies, shows, and more!


gamesforkids-cartoonnetworkCartoon Network Games
Play games from your favorite shows like LEGO, Powerpuff Girls, Pokemon, Adventure Time, and more.


Play Minecraft on the Library's computers. Download the game and play with your own account or, ask Mom and Dad, to create a Mojang account and play the demo for free.  


A free game (ages 8 - 18) where you can create worlds full of blocks and robots. Play from home or in the library, but ask the librarians if it doesn't let you download  - you might have to try again another day!
Grow a cell by eating other smaller cells, but be careful not to be eaten along the way. You can play with people all around the world. Best for ages 8 and up. 


Start building with this free, easy-to-learn 3D design software. 



Create stories, animations, games, and more with this free drag and drop coding program for kids. Great for kids ages 8 and up!

Learn to create your own website and code in computer programming languages like Java, for free! 

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