Introducing….LeapPad Learning Systems!!

Are you looking for ways to make learning fun and engaging?  Make sure to check out our newest STEM kit addition, the LeapPad3.  The LeapPad3 is a tablet that allows children to explore and learn a wide variety of Leap Pad 3educational skills.  You can enjoy some content already pre-loaded on the tablet or check out some of our NEW LeapPad learning games.  Leap Frog has created a number of fun and educational games based off of children’s favorite characters.

Take a peek at a few of our favorite games below or browse our entire LeapPad game collection here.  The game cartridges work with all LeapPad learning tablets (LeapPad1, LeapPad2, LeapPad3, and LeapPad Ultra.)



Clifford Ready-to-Read                                               Leap School Math

Get Ready for Kindergarten                                      Transformers: Race to the Rescue

Leap Pad - Clifford

Leap Pad - Leap School MathLeap Pad - Race to the rescueLeap Pad - Get Ready for Kindergarten




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