Follow Perseverance to Mars 6/30/2020 @ 3pm

The Perseverance robot will launch this summer (July 17 – August 5, 2020) and head to the Jezero Crater on Mars, where it will land at the foot of a river delta which was clearly a lake at the time that microbial life was flourishing on Earth.

The American Museum of Natural History’s Director of Astrovisualization, Carter Emmart, will lead us on an exploration of this exciting landing site as we fly over it together using OpenSpace, NASA supported software. You will see why Jezero Crater was chosen and the features it has to offer for this latest in NASA’s series of Mars rovers to investigate past conditions which could have supported life.

This live OpenSpace webcast is brought to you by the STAR Library Network’s [email protected] My Library program in partnership with the Lunar and Planetary Institute, the American Library Association, and the American Museum of Natural History.

Watch on YouTube here on June 30th at 3pm