Summer Reading Starts June 1st

YES, we will have an online Summer Reading program through a product called Beanstack. This program will be similar to previous years, where you will read and do activities to earn prizes. There are paper logs in the June/July 2020 newsletter sent to your household through the mail. A more detailed FAQ (especially with technology how-to details) may be found here.

The Youth Program is for anyone from an infant to an 8th Grader. There have 2 program options, by counting books or by counting hours. To complete the program you will need to earn 24 Beanstack points by reading and doing activities. For every 3 books or 1 hour you read you earn a point. For every activity you do you will earn a point. Keeping track on paper? Every point equals one space on the game board.

As for prizes, every time you hit a reading milestone, you’ll win a badge or get points—a little digital fist bump to celebrate the quality time your brain and your books have been spending together. For every 8 points you will earn a prize. You will get a message that you have earned a prize. You will earn 3 levels of prizes; you can arrange to pick them up as you earn them or you can wait and pick them all up at the same time. The completion prize is a t-shirt and a book. Prizes will be available beginning July 1. When you are ready to get your prize(s), contact the library at 847-458-6060 ext 135 to set up a pickup time.