Dogs AND Owls at the Library

There will be a lot happening on Monday, January 21, 2019! This is a no school day for both District 47 and District 300 students in observance of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s birthday.

Dog Trainer, Erin

First off is a Dog Show featuring Cedar the Border Collie and Gracie the Black Lab. These talented canines can perform 50-70 tricks, including jumping through hoops, pretending to limp like Lassie, and getting a tissue when their owner, Robin, sneezes. They also read signs, do math, get the mail, tell jokes, do magic and much more. This program is for kids in Kindergarten through 8th grade and requires an Algonquin library card to sign up. Sign up HERE! 



Later in the afternoon we will be invaded by Owls. The McHenry County Conservation District will be bringing in their real life owls for their Owls of McHenry County presentation. The presentation will be from 3-4 pm and is for kids in grades 2-8. No library card is required and you can register right HERE.

Immediately after their presentation, we will be holding an Owl Pellet Dissection from 4-5 pm. This program is considered separate from the Owls of McHenry County presentation and is limited to kids in grades 4-8 – No library card needed! Kids between grades 4-8 are certainly allowed to attend both programs if they would like. They just need to be signed up for both. Sign up for the pellet dissection HERE! This is also a great opportunity for homeschooled students for science! This was originally one BIG, 2 HOUR program, but on second thought, we broke it up into two events.

Great Horned Owl

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