Summer Reading Halfway Point! Finish by 7/31!

Our Summer Reading program, Reading by Design, is keeping us busy, how about you? July 31 is the last day and we are already half way there, with 1,285 sign-ups and 129 finishers! We hope to see many more finishers by July 31. Many of our young patrons have been coming in for their 1st and 2nd prizes, so we know they are reading a lot, doing Reading by Design activities, and trying really hard to get to the final prize! We know they can do it! 

Not signed up yet? It's not too late! If you missed the opening day, you can still join in on the fun and read as much as you can and earn prizes until July 31! Stop by at the Youth Services desk to sign up with your Algonquin library card and enjoy our fun Summer Reading challenge!

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