“Guess How Many!” and “High Five the Library” Winners!

The creativity! The mystery! The fun! We had a great time with everyone who participated in our National Library Week activities in the Youth Services department! Our window is full of colorful hand prints decorated with kids' favorite book characters, and our drawing bucket was filled with entries from participation in "High Five the Library". And our big jar of Starburst grabbed much attention, and many guesses as to how many were in there with the game of "Guess How Many!"

So, now that the week is over, we get to reveal our big winners! Drum roll, please....

High Five the Library

Our lucky winner in the "High Five the Library" drawing is Asher! Congrats! And thanks for joining in the fun!

Guess How Many!

The "Guess How Many!" jar was filled with 321 Starburst! And can you believe, we had not only one, but TWO participants, who guessed the closest to that number with a guess of 325! They are Allison and Alyssa! Great guessing, girls!

Thanks again to everyone who celebrated National Library Week with us! We had fun and look forward to next year's celebration!

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