Technology Gift Ideas of Awesomeness

tech-gift-2Shopping for a tech-loving kid? We have a list of techy toys for you! If you know us at the Library, then you probably already know that we love our Bee Bot, Makey-Makey, Snap Circuits, Ozobots, and Spheros. Those are sure bets for fun and learning that are family tested and Library approved. We have also consulted our youth services tech librarian and scoured the internet for a variety of other fabulous gadgets that will make for spectacular gifts.

Gifts for Preschoolers

tech-gift-bee-botBee Bot
Similar to Code-n-Go Robot Mouse, Bee Bot is a programmable bee that can move forward, back, left and right simply by pushing buttons in a sequential order to tell it where to go. A more expensive option, but just as fun to play with. 


Code-n-Go Robot Mousetech-code-n-go-mouse 
Push the buttons on top of the mouse to create a sequence to move the mouse forward, back, left, and right. Create challenging obstacles and paths to program the  mouse around. 


Fisher Price Code-a-Pillartech-gift-code-a-pillar 
A light-up caterpillar that can move forward, in circles, and more depending on how you sequence together the different pieces.

Gifts for Elementary Age Kids 

Circuit Maze Board Gametech-gift-circuit-maze 
Correctly solve puzzles by connecting circuitry pieces and light up the beacons. There are over 60 puzzles with varying degrees of difficulty and is sure to keep your kids busy for hours. 



$59.99, tablet not required
Create paths with markers that Ozobot can drive across. Add different combinations of blue, green, and red combinations to tell Ozobot to go really fast, spin in circles, and more!



$78, tablet required
Play with Miposaur using hand gestures, his trackball and the Miposaur app.  Learn to take care of Miposaur and keep him happy by figuring out his mood. 


snapjrSnap Circuits Jr. 
Snap together circuitry parts to create 100 different circuits that can play music, light up, or launch a propeller up into the air. 


viewmasterView Master Virtual Reality 
$29.99, smartphone or tablet required
The classic view master is new and improved. Experience 360 degree views of 3D environments. Simply attach your smartphone, a reel finder, and easily enjoy a virtual reality experience. 



lumi-drone-lightsWow Wee Lumi Gaming Drone 
$79.99, tablet required
An app-enable drone that can be flow indoors or outdoors. It can follow you, light up, and perform high-flying stunts. 


Zoomer Kittytech-gift-zoomer-kitty 
Zoomer Kitty is a robotic pet that will follow your movements, purr when scratched, and nuzzle with your child. 



Gifts for Tweens & Teens

Anki Overdrivetech-gift-anki 
$149.99, tablet required
Battle and race these app enabled self-aware robotic race cars. Build race tracks to battle your race cars on and the better you play the better the cars learn the tracks and best strategies to battle your opponent.



Dino-lite Digital Microscopetech-gift-dino-lite
$149, device required
A hand-held digital microscope that can capture images, time lapse videos and videos. Stand is sold separately. 


makeymakeyMakey Makey - an Invention Kit for Everyone
$49.95, device required
Plug the Makey Makey into your computer and turn your keyboard into the Makey Makey. Plug one end of the alligator clips into the Makey Makey and the other into anything conductive - bananas, play-doh, potatoes, and more to create amazing new keys to control your computer. 


spherosprkSphero SPRK
$129, tablet required
Sphero's app enabled robotic ball. There are numerous free apps, projects, games, and activities to keep Sphero interesting for hours. 



Sphero BB-8tech-gift-bb8 
$129, tablet required
This is the droid you've been looking for. Sphero's BB-8 can roll around, record and display holographic messages, and can even be voice activated. 




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