Cabin Fever Cures

Time to get outside and play in the snow to shake off that cabin fever! It's a winter wonderland that's pretty to look at and we have ideas to make the scenery even more exciting! Of course, there is the classic snowman or snow angel. But to make it even more thrilling, try some of these unique and colorful ideas to liven up a plain wintry white landscape.  

winter-fun-ice-balloonsIce Marbles

Fill a water balloon with food coloring and water, freeze it, then peel off the balloon to reveal colorful frozen ice marbles! Use them as magical-looking decorations in your snowy lawn. It will surely put the "wonder" in winter wonderland as people discover these marvelous ice marbles all around. 

Glow Sticks in the Snow

This is simple, dazzling, and fun. There's actually quite a few things you could do with glow sticks in the snow. Make snowy creatures with glowing eyes or do a glow stick hunt. Get creative with any snow creation where adding glow sticks will add pizzazz and mystery. 

Snow Paint

Who says snow has to be white? Mix a spray bottle of water and food dye, and the options are endless. Treat the fresh blanket of snow like an outdoor canvas and paint colorful pictures for passersby to admire. Or use the paint to add color to a snow sculpture. It's an unexpected surprise sure to add a little cheer to a chilly, overcast winter's day.

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