Stuffed Animal Sleepover

As cute as it sounds! What a great way for your favorite stuffed animal to make friends and have a special time.

Bears, bunnies and more, oh my! So many kiddos brought their favorite stuffed animals for an evening story time, and let them stay at the library for a sleepover. The plush pals enjoyed sitting in their kid's lap for a story. They got to get up and dance (and get tossed in the air a bit) to songs. And they helped make a super starry mobile craft for their favorite boy or girl. After the party was over, they gathered with their fellow fuzzy friends for the night. Their pint-sized guardians went home for the night, and they played some more and had yummy bedtime snacks. Miss Tara tucked them in for bed, but apparently at one point, they got up to play in the library's Playland. And they couldn't resist a photo opportunity in the play car. Silly stuffed animals!

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