Early Learning Kits Are Here!

win_20161104_103148-2Early Learning Kits are a collection of educational materials for the little learners in your life. From preschool into the early elementary grades, we have kits that cover common curriculum topics. This is a great way to make a home connection with what your child is learning at school, a great resource for homeschooling families, or simply an easy way to incorporate learning into playtime. The kits come in a super cool clear backpack and include games and manipulatives that will help youngsters grasp a concept, or practice a skill, and have fun doing so! Our collection of kits is new and growing. Take a look at what we have, and keep an eye out for new ones!


Search our online catalog for kits, including:


Check your kit out for 3 weeks and have plenty of time to learn and play! See one you like, but it's already checked out? Put a hold on it so it's yours next!

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