Milk and Cookies Evening & Weekends

milk-and-cookies-vintage-posterIt's been a busy day! Or week. Now what? Relax and enjoy some evening or weekend family time with a storytime, complete with milk and cookies. Yes, you read that right! Milk and Cookies Storytime is a storytime at the Algonquin Area Public Library on select Tuesday evenings and Saturday mornings at the main Harnish location! If you're interested in some cozy story time fun, especially now that it's getting chilly outside, here are the upcoming dates:


Tuesday Evenings at 6:30- 7 pm: November 1st
                                                                        November 15th
                                                                         November 29th
                                                                        December 13th

Saturday Morning at 10-10:30 am: November 12th
                                                                        December 3rd


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