Carlton Whitney Parent Teacher Collection


The school year is in full swing, and the children in our lives are ever growing and changing. It’s probably a good time to mention we have the Carlton Whitney Parent Teacher Collection. Named for former board member and local educator, Carlton Whitney, this collection consists of books, kits and videos especially for teachers, parents and caregivers. If you need a little direction in helping the young ones in your life learn and develop, from potty training to academic success, this is a good place to look.


For teachers in the classroom, homeschooling families, and parents helping their children with homework, we have great resources to create and enhance curriculum and promote student academic success. There are also resources regarding child development and behavior management, providing insight and possible strategies on guidance and discipline of youth of all ages, stages and abilities.

ptc-play-learn-and-grow-togetherBut the learning and growing doesn’t stop there! It extends to teachable moments and educational play, learning through doing and experience. Playing, experimenting, and exploring is important for developing creativity, curiosity, social skills, and more. And yes, we have books on that, too! Teachers can discover fun activities for young ones in the classroom. Parents can find creative play ideas for every day of the year. All of this is a fabulous way to set children up for being lifelong learners.

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