Make Slime at Home

P1120304A great, albeit, messy activity for you and your little ones to do at home is to make slime. Last week we played outside with a group of kids and we made Oobleck and played  with a glittery, stretchy slime called Galaxy Slime. It was a messy, good time!

In case you would like to know how to make your own slime here are the recipes we used.

P1120246Oobleck is an interesting fluid that when you apply a force can become solid. It is a simple combination of cornstarch and water. The important thing to remember when making it is you want 2:1 cornstarch to the amount of water. We started with a half a cup of cornstarch and a quarter cup of water.

To make Galaxy Slime you need Elmer’s craft glue, Sta Flow liquid starch (you can get this at Walmart), glitter, and food coloring. While making this we P1120305discovered to err on the side of less liquid starch and a little extra glue. Keep mixing for awhile and don’t be afraid to get your hands in there. It will start to become stiffer and stretcher the more you play with it. The blog post from the link above has a lot of great information about how to make this slime.


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