Starting from Scratch

Have your kids tried Scratch ( yet? Scratch is a free programming language designed to help kids learn how to write computer programs by dragging and dropping scripts to create animations, games,interactive stories, music, presentations, and more.

There are a lot of easy ways to get started with Scratch. Some of our favorite Scratch lessons include Scratch Jr. and creating your own games.

scratchjrScratch Jr. is a free app available for iPhones and Android
devices. It is great for Kindergarten – 2nd grade and is a much simpler version than the online Scratch site. It includes younger appealing graphics and simplified blocks to make basic games and animations. The creativity is endless and once your kid masters Scratch Jr. it is time to graduate to Scratch.

Scratch is appropriate for 3rd graders and up. Parents, you could make this a great time to create together. We have great books to check out at the library like, Coding Games in Scratch and Super Scratch Programming Adventure! These books will give a great place to start and an understanding of all the site has to offer to your child’s education. 


Ms. Alison offers several Scratch and Scratch Jr. programs through out the year at the Library. Be sure to check out our calendar and join her for her next class.

Let’s get coding with Scratch!


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